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MARTEL Francois

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François Martel was born in 1963 in Paris.

He produced his first work in 1974 at college (As a result of the aggressive marketing of this same teacher, a transcription in expanded polystyrene is exhibited at the town hall of Boulogne-Billancourt. The town hall archives will not keep track of the event. As for the work itself, its lifespan will remain closely correlated to that of the polystyrene that made it up.)



In 1984, he   entered the National School of Mechanics and Microtechnology.

In 1986, First participation in the Salon de St Cloud. An exhibited work: Souvenir of the Golden Triangle 

1988: First enthusiasm for nuclear engineering.

In 1990: Second participation in the Salon de St Cloud. An exhibited work: Ultramarine blue (The little house).

1997: Exhibition at the Espace Chaillot-Galliera. Twelve works are exhibited

1998: Family expatriation to China, as part of the construction site of the Ling Ao nuclear power plant. Three-year stay, structuring in many respects.

1999: Comb Ray -   first digital creation.

2018: Exhibition at Marlène (Gallery of Plastic Arts) 

2019: Exhibition at the Art'et Miss Gallery

Artist, digital creator, represented by the Art Gallery and Miss

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