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Winner 1st Prize, XX Contemporary Collage Fair, Paris 2013

Winner 3rd Public Prize XVII Contemporary Collage Fair, Paris 2011

Laureate Artists' Prize, Exhibition The Techniques of the Art of Collage
at the dawn of the 21st century, Paris 2008.

Member of the Artcolle Museum, Plemet, France


Born in 1959, in Tours, France, Hélène spent her childhood in  Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) then lived in the south of France, in Saint Paul de Vence, before following higher education in letters and languages in Paris.

First a technical translator specializing in aeronautics in Paris, she left France again in 1986 to live in Guyana where she managed public relations and communication for the Cnes (Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales) at the Center Spatial Guyanais, a space port Europe and participates in the launches of some 140 Ariane rockets.

In 1996, on vacation with her parents in Saint Barthélemy, she embarked on the creation of her first works.  Magazines as a palette, scissors and tubes of glue will be her first tools .

In September 2004, she took a sabbatical from her business and moved to Saint-Barthélemy where she created, in Gustavia, the Central bARTh GALLERY, her creative studio and her personal exhibition gallery.

In August 2006, she resigned from her company, moved to Guadeloupe and created her exhibition workshop heART Studio to devote herself fully to her passion for the art of collage.

In April 2008, she participated in the exhibition "The techniques of the Art of Collage at the dawn of the twenty-first century" organized by Pierre-Jean Varet for the promotion of his second book devoted to the art of Collage and was awarded the Prix des Artistes for the work “Jeanne H.”.

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Hélène DONADIEU participated in the  exhibitions at the Art et Miss gallery on the following themes:​

  • ​2009  - Digigraphie

  • 2010  - Women's art 

  • 2011 -  Collage Art

  • 2012 -  Collage Art

  • 2013  - Women's Art 

  • 2016  - Women's Art 

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

"The Art of Collage" - March 2015

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