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DION Caroline

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Born in 1963 in Dolbeau in Lac St-Jean, from a family of artists, she now lives in Victoriaville in the Bois-Francs region. The arts have always been part of her life since birth. Designer and fashion designer for children for several years, she painted on her clothes giving them a unique character. It was in 1995 that she decided to devote herself to painting on canvas. She finished her Bachelor's degree in plastic arts at UQTR in 2003. A multidisciplinary artist, she advocates acrylic painting in order to immortalize softness and serenity in her paintings. Printmaking and blown glass are also among his favorite mediums. Always in exploration, Caroline Dion works the character in such a way as to bring out the desired emotions. She has to her credit, several galleries and solo and collective exhibitions in some Museums. She is a member of associations such as the Regrouping of Artists in Visual Art (RAAV) and the Society of Canadian Artists (SAC).


Native of Dolbeau, Lac Saint-Jean, she took root more than 30 years ago in Victoriaville.

It is with many emotions that the artist expresses his subjects. She uses acrylic, ink and oil according to her inspiration. Whether with a spatula or brushes, his signature is said to be vibrant and expressive.
The character is his main source of inspiration but several subjects attract his attention. Whatever its source, the colors and the emotion are always present.

Fortunately, the artist has the ability to express in several forms what she feels, without getting lost. You will therefore find in his creations an evolution always in motion expressing his little bohemian side and his little Cartesian side. The collections: Serenity, À fleur de peau and Masked offer the public their vision of an inner duality or complicity.

Loving to explore the maximum value of all mediums, continual exploration is in order. For her, these are essential steps in presenting well-mastered work.

She paints to satisfy a hyperactive artistic imagination and at the same time release emotions on edge. His love for the arts dates from a very young age and will always remain in his way of life and in the memory of his brush.

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