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The work of the painter Alain CANTILLON is part of the continuity.

Since 1970 when he sold his drawings in the "calle de los pintores" at the Madrid rastro, his then dreamlike work, in the vein of Delvaux, Magritte, Dali, has gradually transformed itself becoming more realistic.


Exhibitions in Nimes in 1971

Paris society of the French School 1975

Geneva in 1979

Paris Archifleur Gallery 1982

Superindependents 1984

Paris City Hall 2007

Conservatory of the 10th PARIS 2008

Cinema 5 Caumartins 2010

Art and Society Gallery PARIS 2010


Recent works, Allegories


“Certain sketches that fill my many notebooks are destined one day to become paintings. They must have the force, the meaning, the possibility.

Creation is an act of the alchemist, it is above all an act of transformation. » Alain CANTILLON

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Alain Cantillon participated in the  exhibitions at the Art et Miss gallery on the following themes:​

  • September 2013: Naïve art - Singular art

  • Summer 2016: International exhibition

  • January 2018: Naive art - singular art

  • February 2018: Fantastic - Surrealism

  • October 2019: Passion for Asia

  • July 2021: On reality

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

Naïve art, singular art - January 2016

On Reality - July 2021

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