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I am a painter from the Pau region.

I work exclusively with acrylic, a material whose use and texture correspond to my character.


I started painting more than twenty years ago. I spent many years abroad which fed my imagination. If at the beginning I practiced this art more like a hobby, today painting holds a big place in my life and it is a source of escape that I wish to share with others.

Very attached to the search for colors and light, I find my sources of inspiration mainly in nature but I also often get lost in much more abstract compositions depending on my mood...

In love with life and its twists and turns, I am looking for creations with aesthetic impulses that reflect my optimism.

"To me, a painting should be something lovable, joyful and pretty, yes pretty! There are enough pesky things in life that we don't make  still more! "
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

Art  abstract- September 2016

Art  abstract - May 2018

Feminine art - April 2019

Art  abstract - May 2020

Abstract art  - January 2021