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Born in St-Hyacinthe in 1955 in Quebec.

Father, Raynald Berthiaume, professional painter, portraitist and muralist.

Semi-professional in 1982, she participated in numerous exhibitions while working in the medical field and then as a research designer.

1989 was a decisive year because her passion for drawing and painting was such that she quit her job to devote herself solely to the visual arts and its teaching.

The Galerie Beauchamp in Quebec City invites him to exhibit his paintings of landscapes which easily find takers. She urges the gallery owner to exhibit one of her paintings of humorous geese. Which turned out to be a great success. Since then, his geese have taken part in numerous exhibitions and newspaper articles as well as in the magazine Magazin'Art. They have been exhibited in Europe and are presented in a gallery in Paris, the "Art'et Miss galerie". They were selected by a school in France, in Poncey-lès-Athée, to bear the name "École Ginette Berthiaume".

"I have always been fascinated by animals and it is no surprise that I specialized in animal art. Through my works, I transmit my passion for animal life and its preservation. My favorite subject is the goose domestic. "Why goose"? Quite simply because it resembles humans, being gregarious and bipedal. Which allows me to humanize it in its attitude and its physiognomy without ever going to excess. These little geese allow me to go through humor in order to make people aware of the fact that animals are living beings endowed with sensitivities and emotions, just like us humans. I prefer to favor the animal to the detriment of the precision of its environment I like to play with colors and textures that only suggest what allows the observer to imagine the living environment of my subject Nature, animal parks and breeders are my places of observation. The fact of painting animals in no way restricts me in my journey and t the search for new techniques and mediums. I have the pleasure of teaching what continually stimulates me to discover and explore. I have a great passion for horses and I love bringing them to life on canvas. It is important before painting an animal to know its subject, which allows a lot of freedom in movement and gesture. For this reason, I work on the morphology of the animal, its attitudes and behaviors. Technical exploration, associated with this magnificent subject that is the horse, becomes a quest that drives me and stimulates me in my research. Everything fascinates me and absorbs me whether it's movement, light, colors but also the unsaid, the message behind the pictorial. What I send through the image is not necessarily what the observer will see. Behind every painting there is a speaking self and the viewer has their own feelings. So, I paint for me, for my pleasure and it shows in my works. Self-taught, I have been a professional since 1989. My paintings have been exhibited in several regions of Quebec and in Europe, particularly in Paris in France and in various French towns, in Barcelona in Spain, in Turin in Italy and in London in England. A school in Poncey-lès-Athée, near Dijon, bears my name: École Ginette Berthiaume since the inauguration in May 2015. I spent ten days there to create and paint geese on the walls of the schoolyards. I have to my credit several publications in Le Courrier de St-Hyacinthe and Magazin'Art. Since 1996, my work has been published in the "Biennial Directory of Canadian Artists in Galleries. I have already participated in group exhibitions and painting symposiums for 34 years, in addition to organizing solos."

Ginette Berthiaume


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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris


Animal Art - September 2011

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