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Caalista was born in 1965 in the shadow of Montmartre in the gray of winter but it is the blue sun of the Parthenon, in Greece, which runs through her veins.
Self-taught, his creations are made of shadows and light, clay and gold.
Born from his first fight for life, his paintings reveal his pains, his joys, his revolts and his doubts.

His artistic approach
In her creations, she evokes humanity, loneliness, the complexity of society, the absence of a father or simply the beauty of the ocean. 

She likes to juggle with materials and pigments. She diverts them, clashes them, each time giving them new resonances. 

She juggles with several media

-The painting,


-digital art

She tracks with brushes, her tablet or her camera forgotten emotions to make unique creations. 


Photography is his first encounter with art, 

She was for a long time the portraitist of her group of friends but also the little reporter on each trip.

When she takes a photo, she tries to tell what moves her.


Painting presented itself to her, by accident, a compulsive need to deposit one sorrow then another, then her joys and enjoyments, a color therapy!

"When I paint, it is first of all my emotions that I try to release, I choose my colors as one goes to the market, I observe them for a long time then I launch myself without a specific goal and I let the magic of the materials wander on the canvas, I integrate inks, pigments, objects and I inscribe the relief. 

What will a flat life be like?

My painting is alive and sometimes bumps into the sculpture. »


Digital art 

Allowed her to mix all these media to give birth to the world she dreams of, more colorful, more psychedelic, more surreal.  


Between canvases and screens, Caalista juggles so that his art resonates with his time. Beautiful souls from here watch over his world

Soulages, Pollock, Richter, Dali, Klimt, Baschung, Gainsbourg, Bowie…


She has been exhibiting in Paris and around the world for over 15 years.

Small formats - December 2015

Abstract Art - May 2022

Galerie virtuelle - Mars 2024

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