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Béa BEALAFF-GIROTTO, painter, France

Coming from a family from Veneto, I was born on the banks of the Garonne in Toulouse.  My discovery of artistic creation dates back to my earliest childhood.

My pictorial research is based on the search for light, I paint the energies that I feel and the vibrations that surround me. Always working in series, I am inspired by themes that directly touch humans to what binds us to each other  by the inner gaze of each being.. Painting has become a momentum of life , a passion that captivates me. Art and painting are an integral part of my life.

I have been painting since 1994 but the trigger has  since the death of my father in 1996 as if it were necessary to fill in his absence.

At the beginning I used pastel charcoal currently I use mediums such as oil, acrylic, goache,   Indian ink, walnut brou sometimes gold foil depending on the rendering that  I am looking for.

I evolve on the canvas according to my experience and my sensitivity. I most often use oil paint for its fluidity because I work a lot with my fingers and the knife but I also use  acrylic, Indian ink and charcoal


Feminine Art - April 2022

Art singulier - Octobre 2023

Petits formats - Décembre 2023

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