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CHRISTY, painter, France

Born in Paris, Christine Gautheron-Pette (Christy), Artist Painter Creator 

After having studied Fine Arts and Decorative Arts, then having worked in various artistic specialties, passing among other things from "Decoration" to "Teaching", I can say that Art has always been l driving force in my life. Thus it imposes itself as a means of expression essential to my balance, allowing me to free myself from the stress and excessive patience that teaching to a large audience provokes on a daily basis (early childhood , teenagers, adults, bi-polar, disabled, autistic, etc.).

I like to share my passion, but also to escape and paint with several materials on different supports even if my preference is watercolor; according to my inspirations, or by working from a photo, or by sketching and capturing an expression and a look during the various trips around the world; without forgetting my fascination with colors.

Draw an expression, a look, a movement without forgetting to go to the essential, so that this face really reflects the desired effect while respecting its identity. Also I like to draw portraits of the world or represent magical universes, according to my travels, or by taking inspiration from a photo for example; without forgetting the creation   providing a dizzying sensation! Once the coquis is finished, the pleasure of color transcends everything and the brush soaked in pigments, water or oil, twirls on the sheet.


Feminine Art - April 2022

Rouge Passion - June 2022

Petits Formats - Décembre 2022

Janvier 2023

L'art au féminin - Mars 2023

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