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JULIA Pierre


Toussaint, birth name.

Born under the sign of the lion, in the North African sun.

From an early age, he applied himself to drawing.

It is naturally that he arrives as an autodidact in painting impregnated with the colors of the SOUTH.

But its primary vocation is the show. He learned the disciplines of song, dance, theater and expressed them in musicals: Jesus Christ Super Star, Opera rock.  The French Revolution, May Flower, La Compagnie Michel Fugain…

It was with La Bande à Basile that he made himself known to the general public; concerts in France, abroad and on many televisions.

Occasionally, he returned to painting; explores different styles and his imagination leads him to the abstract: knife and brush technique.

His meeting with “Les Peintres du Marais” gives him the opportunity to show his works. Exhibitions at the Blancs Manteaux, Notre-Dame, Place des Vosges, Faubourg Saint Antoine, L'Atelier du Marais, Galerie Art'et Miss.

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TOUSSAINT took part in the  exhibitions at the Art et Miss gallery on the following themes:​

  • December 2010 : Small Formats

  • May 2019: Art, The Artist and Passion

  • May 2020: Abstract Art

  • Summer 2020: International Exhibition

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

"Free Quarter" - March 2021

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