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Kristina Viera WOLF

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Childhood in Bratislava, Slovakia (Czechoslovakia at the time) contact with modern art and Slovak and foreign artists.

In 1968 abrupt and involuntary transfer to Vienna, Austria, following the crushing of the Prague Spring and the occupation of the country by the troops of the Warsaw Pact.

Transfer to Paris in the 1970s

Studies of plastic arts, St. Charles faculty, Paris 1979 – 1980


Training in arts therapy with A. Denner 1982 – 1986

The practice of Kinomichi, Aïkido, Tai-chi too, influences my bodily experience, the relationship to space and the graphic and pictorial gesture in the 80s. The momentum, the spiral, are accentuated in my work organically and becomes an almost constant.

Ingrid Karlo, poet: "The paintings of Kristina Vera Wolf are above all movement, colored movement, tenderly luminous rotations, spirals, a movement contrary to terrestrial gravity, a cosmic dance, pulsation, forms which hatch. Reality at the rhythm of 'a jubilant song, because the engine of this movement is not pain but the winged breath of Eros...and a desire that goes beyond.“

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

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