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Peggy Cardoso's painting is a sensitive painting of colors, smells, light. These are defining moments, simply beautiful things.

This young multidisciplinary artist, a graduate of the Decorative Arts of Paris, reveals her temperament as a painter by happily taming colors and themes as different as they are varied. And when colors and materials are put at the service of humor and cheerfulness, it gives paintings that breathe calm and serenity.

For her, a canvas should be an invitation to reverie that warms cold winter days and refreshes the heaviness of summer. It is a moment of relaxation to distract people from their anxieties with not an easy art, but a simple and acceptable art.

Her power is to paint emotion and make it feel through a sum of small worlds, life scenes, pets, light as multicolored balloons that she releases into space to give a impulse to the dreams of passers-by.

Her requirement is that her painting always remain sincere, she makes no concessions to the painting of convenience, working according to her feelings where her changing moods take her.

This is also why Peggy Cardoso's work has evolved in recent years. Seven years of struggle with fibromyalgia have introduced darker colors, deeper subjects, but still a lot of emotion, truth and naturalness into his canvases.

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Peggy CARDOSO participated in the  exhibitions at the Art et Miss gallery on the following themes:

  • November 2003: Corrida and Flamenco 

  • April 2004: Feminine art

  • July 2004: Sweet France

  • February 2005:  Animal Art

  • March 2013: Surrealism

  • April 2013: Feminine art

  • April 2017: Feminine art

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

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