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Birthe BO SAKURAI - Bornholm, DENMARK

She was born in 1946 on the Danish island of Bornholm in the heart of the Baltic Sea.

When she was a child, walking in nature under the snow, her father showing her the snowflakes asked her if she saw the elves dancing and she replied that they were not elves but gnomes, because they had the appearance of men and women of all ages, dancing together. From then on her life changed, her grandmother considering her different because in the legends of the island of Bornholm, it happens that gnome children are exchanged with human children to live with them and observe them.

Raised in a different way, she was therefore different and endeavored to bring to life the tales and legends of her island, whose wisdom seemed to favor the protection of the sea and nature.

She is also the first artist to have presented sea conchs woven in 3D with threads from fishing nets. These original creations have largely contributed to his international fame. The sea conch is an ancient motif that has become a source of contemporary inspiration in image as in sculpture, in relation to water.

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

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