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It was an unfathomable boredom during my childhood that led me to develop a passion for art. Endless hours of solitude stimulated my imagination and my curiosity; I built, arranged, tinkered and developed a passion for beautiful images, color first, photography, classical and modern painting, sculpture, the unusual too...

  Graduated interior designer, I started making collages in 2004.

I quickly felt that this practice would allow me to express myself.

Even today, I am still attached to traditional and non-digital techniques. My favorite themes are centered on the human condition, and I almost always come back to the condition of women.

Related themes develop, such as pain, beauty, body control, the passage of time... Through the juxtaposition of body images, or body parts, eyes, faces, hands , organs, I try to show and make people feel what is not said, the depths of souls, unconscious cruelty.
I proceed in the manner of surrealists, by associations of ideas, according to the encounters of images that I have collected, cut out, sorted beforehand.

The collage is built around a central element, very often a work of art, and develops over successive encounters: I am looking for the perfect juxtaposition, the line that joins the line, the improbable chances. I like to play with the differences in scale, the textures of the paper, the harmonies of colors. I often confront the vegetal and the organic, trying to make them indistinguishable, I like to confuse the eye and play with it, surprise to make people react.

Finally, I look for the overall coherence, the balance of the composition and at some point, I know that the collage is finished.

artistic approach

Some collages question the status of women and the way they are perceived in today's society.

Female subject, who claims her femininity and plays it to better assert herself or female object, instrumentalized by the gaze of man, locked in the stereotypes of the collective unconscious.

These women-objects, taken from the great masterpieces of classical painting, confronted through collage with multiple, more recent images such as photographs, mineral, vegetal, even organic elements... cause a powerful shock . This shock, this collision echoes the upheavals caused by the emancipation of women: from the claims of the first feminists to the recent and burning events of the #me-too movements.


The body is omnipresent. A bare body, which exposes itself by challenge, returning the gaze to the one who incites it, or which, heavy with its secret, slips away... The paradox of this receptive body is to be both hypersexual and sanctified.

In the woman, and more precisely in her body, the drama of life is tied up, torn between enjoyment and responsibility of the species. The object woman, the prey woman, naked, in the center, offered to the hands of all, to the gaze, to aggression, to lust, in abundant and sometimes disturbing environments, tries to get out of her patriarchal heritage to finally become the female subject.


Other collages are like a long journey, strewn with pitfalls and treasures... And while you have the impression of having looked well, you discover a new nugget, a jewel, a revelation.

Others tell you, like a tale or a myth, what is deep inside you.

Your inner life, the universal joys and sorrows are there, that is why you find there both sweetness and horror. As in dreams, a blade touches an eyelid, hands caress a cactus. Logic has no place, time, scale ratios do not count. Without a word or almost, the work stirs up your childhood, tickles your subconscious and touches your heart.

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery





Sidonie BLONDEL  participated in  the Art et Miss gallery exhibition on the following theme:​

  • December 2020 : Small formats


Small formats - December 2015

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