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I like to let my imagination wander beyond the windows. I like this symbol which leaves the opening in both directions; The escape into the unknown and the invitation into my imagination.

My motto: "Painting is an art that only exists through the sharing of emotions, first with oneself, then with others..."

Regarding her work on the nude and her approach to the body: “I like to extend the curves, so as not to delimit the voluptuousness… Accentuated by the most representative color, in my opinion, red. But the other colors are absorbed in order to project into different atmospheres."

He has exhibited regularly since 1981.

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Bruno FEITUSSI participated in the  exhibitions at the Art et Miss gallery on the following themes:​

  • May 2019: Art, The Artist and Passion

  • July 2019: International exhibition

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris


"Blue, blue, blue, dreams in blue" - June 2018

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