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If I live with passion the great changes of my time linked to fundamental technological developments, I remain no less deeply attached to the original or even primitive meaning of Art.

Through my creations I have the presumption to bring your curious gaze to an emotion that challenges the human condition, its relationship to space, time and its own mystery.

Each painting is intended as the trophy for capturing sensations, emotions,   reflections that make each moment in itself a complex multi-dimensional infinity.

The depth, the light are worked by association of the color with materials of which fibers which give vibration and constitute a dynamic vascular system. The execution often goes to a certain mannerism.

In the end, the canvas and its modest materials become a piece of an elsewhere whose sensuality invites you to get lost and then to appropriate it.

In all of my production, we will undoubtedly find a good number of influences drawn from the history of the Arts, from Prehistory to the present day, with in particular that of Flemish painting, the technique of which I discovered at the time. National School of Fine Arts and which I remodeled using modern products.

I am undeniably indebted to my fascination for primitive arts; the tanned skins, stretched and painted by the Amerindians, the African masks that I saw dancing, the fetish statues that I saw activated during a decisive part of my youth spent in the region of the “great lakes”.

This is especially true for my sculptures made from natural materials worn by time, reworked with inlays of minerals to transcend them and make them become another "thing" that captures us and leads us to invisible universes.

But above all, beyond culture and work, my creation results from a gluttonous curiosity and a passionate fraternity with humanity.

Personal exhibition - June 2021

"Solo exhibition" - June 2021

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