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How to tell this thirst to paint without risking to write sentences already repeated many times?

I will limit myself, with restraint, to summarizing as follows:

Draw thoughts and emotions of everyday people,

draw the news in its beauty as in its darkness,

drawing various themes such as global warming, exodus and overpopulation, isn't that simply painting everyday life and real life?

If you want to have the passion for colors and a touch of humor, you will have all the meaning of my work.

As for the technique, after having worked a lot in charcoal and ink, today I paint exclusively in acrylic. I start by making multiple sketches then, when finally a drawing seems accomplished, I transpose them on the canvas and put them in color.

As for my history, I hold a diploma in advertising design, Beaux-Arts de Lyon. I taught two years in Equatorial Africa as a drawing teacher in a high school then, back in France, I worked in advertising and communication for several companies.

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Jocelyne DESCHAMPS-KUS  a participé aux  expositions de la galerie Art et Miss sur les thèmes suivant :​_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149 -20813d6c673b_

  • November 2017 Small formats 

  • June 2018: International Exhibition

  • December 2019: Small formats

  • March 2020: Feminine Art

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris


"Free Quarter" - March 2021

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