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DUFLO Christine


Christine Duflo – Cut-out papers 


Cut-outs like an invitation to travel,

With multiple wanderings,

From weavings to landscapes, from images to mirages,

Another form of language.

At the beginning of 2008, my personal story led me, in an unexpected and mysterious way, to cut paper, drawing on personal sources of inspiration.

Self-taught, I have always had a great curiosity for the world of arts and culture, particularly performing arts, music and literature.

A sheet of paper, a few pencil lines to define cutting areas, directions, limits, I cut out each detail with a cutter without prior sketching. Then comes the superposition of several cut sheets, in a work from which any adhesive material is voluntarily excluded.

Tangled up in a moving paradox, a taste for secrecy and a desire to reveal, in a technique where each cutting gesture is irreversible. Decoupage is a curious technique, where the markers are, depending on the gaze, in the absent material or in the remaining material.

I realize with the cutter what the pencil or the brush do not allow me. The material paper and the tool are adapted to my thought and my hand. They allow me in the same tempo, improvised vibrations, applied writing and imperfect geometries, variations from more to less black, from more to less cut, from the simplest to the most sophisticated graphics.

These creations are born from a succession of experiments, research of forms, transparencies and superimpositions, often slowly, sometimes compulsively, randomly or spontaneously, like a series of variations.

Sometimes I weave the scraps, first of all the small strips of paper from previous creations and meticulously sorted and preserved.

 In 2015, to respond to a call for projects from the Moulin du Got (87), I explored the weaving of printing scraps recovered from the recycling bins of Norman printers._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The weaving work continues in counterpoint, with other printing scraps but also posters, programs, flyers according to finds, meetings and opportunities for collaboration.

A whole graphic chain has already worked on this material, which is quickly destined for paper sorting. It is the basis of the creations, like a palette of graphics and colors.

By cutting, I deconstruct the original composition to create, by weaving, a whole new spelling. It all starts with a necessary and intense observation work in a concentration on the graphics, the colors, the writings, and the possible meanings of the work... let the reflection make its way and the idea impose itself as the starting point of the work. cutting, then recomposition and finally weaving.

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Christine DUFLO participated in  the Art et Miss gallery exhibition on the following theme:​

  • December 2021: Small Formats


Small Formats Exhibition - December 2021

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