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Graduated from Cherkasy Arts College and Stat Business College, qualification: designer. She followed the courses of Ukrainian artists like Yu.N.Melnik, VDNesterov, VAAfonin, and also the artist VIKlimenko.


Tetiana Cherevan's canvases are emotionally charged and theoretically full. Synthetic postmodern rhythms are naturally intertwined in space. We find there the sensitivity and  the aesthetics of the 60s with its constructive and minimalist decisions. The fusion of beings, in the canvases, with still lifes demonstrates the author's perception of a projection of life, where each object is alive and has a unique character. In the graphics the idea of presenting the person as the flower is definitely worth seeing. They come into contact with light and dark harmoniously in a natural et  pure balance.

The women and flowers in Tetiana's work are delicate and gentle creatures. Refined lines flow and dance captivating viewers  with sensual beauty. The postures of the young girls are harmonious. Their bodies are transformed into ornaments and the ornaments into bodies. Gold adds delicacy and nobility to her heroines. Tetiana encourages looking at the woman with admiration by subtly portraying her individuality and rich inner world.

Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

International Exhibition - June 2018

Naïve art, singular art - October 2021

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