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Iwona Lifsches was born in Warsaw, Poland. 

She grew up and studied fine arts in Poland, but lives in Denmark.

Her paintings reflect a “naive art” style, where her stories are told with childlike innocence through subject, form and color.

In 2015, she illustrated the children's book   "journey to the land of fairy tales."


Illustrations for children led him to the world of tales and fantasies. She noticed that each of her paintings contained many of the traditional characteristics of naive art like vibrant colors and childlike perspective.  

She says she found herself in naive art which is characterized by a refreshing innocence and charming use of bright colors, and singular scale. It depicts, according to her, simple, easily understood and often idealized scenes of daily life.


“I love this peaceful interaction between nature, humanity and the animal kingdom.”

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Artist presented by the Art and Miss Gallery - Paris

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