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ASSENOV Tsvetomir

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Painter- Bulgaria Biography Born in 1956 in Chomakovtsi, Bulgaria.

In 1981 he obtained his higher education diploma in architecture in Sofia. After finishing his higher education, he devoted his life to painting and took part in several exhibitions in Bulgaria and around the world.

Steps"Basically, the idea for this project stems from the ability of the imagination to soar freely through eras, between time. The idea that artists are heavily influenced by art, created before them - in the field of painting - from Cimabue to the present day. In my opinion, in the mind of the artist, even the most avant-garde, exists a memory coded by the frescoes of Michelangelo."

Icons on wood.The idea for these paintings which are made on wood was born when I was supervising a secular house. It was turning into ruins. The rain pressed the house down to the ground, the wind scattered the memories of her… Suddenly, the idea came to me that I could prolong her life for at least a hundred years… The attic boards became a formidable base. The painter's imagination did the rest. This is the reason why the memories of this house, which were already lost in time, have taken the path of exhibitions in Sofia, Barcelona and Paris...

Volume, color, but what color! It invades you and the many shapes, with their careful treatment of gradations, take us into a real carnival of tones. We no longer know where to look, so we focus on recognizing shapes: hands, faces, a chest, an arm... so many pieces of the body that reinforce our idea that everything is joyfully intertwined in a splendid luminosity. This allowed me to see this work by Assenov Tsvetomir, at the end of the day, in a large palace darkened by the late hour."

The Creative Breath   "Art in Capital Paris 2013"


Vladimir Svintila: /Text written for the exhibition A parallel universe/

(…) It is a boiling mass where the material world and the figurative merge and derive from each other. This harmony is full of tension, the figures and the faces are extracted by force from the infested objectivity. They have a perfect composition whose primary principle is deformation. Deformation is often connoted with bad sketches. But there is a lot of lyricism in Assenov's deformations. And we remember that in Masson, Magritte, Modigliani, deformation has very concrete lyrical functions. For Assenov the deformation of an expressionist nature is very remote… Life encompasses fragments of fantastic figures and objects… And it is the celebration of creation, or more precisely, of what has been created. /art magazine  50-51/1998/

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International Exhibition - June 2008

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