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Lynne Ricard

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Smaller than a grain of sand, I plunge my eyes closed into this ocean of color and whirl around like a top, in search of euphoria.

Who am I? Me, my ideas, my dreams, my ambitions, in this colorful and fragile world.

I invite my hand silently to emerge from the fog, dissident and frightened, it leaves traces of its passage. Adventurous, I recognize my art and I survive my past in the present. I imprint the pure emotion in the fact, an expansive, fluid, abundant and brimming with passion.

Visionary of a purified world, I seek the key to the fields, that of freedom, alias the love of others. Irresistible this sensation, this feeling of social help, to feel the need to act, to understand and to fully live each moment.

Serenity, this state of mind that I find on mental prescription, or better still, under the rhythmic croaking of frogs, it costs me little to experience the unknown when one dispenses with practicing it.

Planetary diagnosis, patch or pill? Where am I in the face of this scourge? What is my dosage? Only one answer is moderation and patience. I think, simplicity and creativity, I add to that a brush, a canvas, colors and I mix it all up to make my brain borrowed from toxemia iridescent.

A total disconnection from reality for an unforgettable cruise in the Pleiades, a journey in which I allow myself to merge my heart, my spirit in a perfect communion from which escape the flowers and nature emblem of abundance.

All of my beliefs and my trust come from spiritual exercises, where my soul emanates a host of confused aspirations that I believed  dormant for a long time. Independence of spirit, freedom, ease, all these sensations make my sensitivity spring up and I am reborn in this artistic world.

The mystery is revealed little by little and the woman in me comes to life, she metamorphoses and adapts to the circumstances of life, which are constantly changing, imperceptibly and almost without our knowledge.

My hidden talents, frankness and sincerity without naturally forgetting instinct, this sensory stimulus which dominates my spontaneity and releases my emotions devoid of analysis.

I find these emotions in my painting, a rainbow of color with essences of shadows and light that vacillates between reality and the illusion of dreams. Digression of desires, imperious impulses to communicate beauty and happiness, a mission where love arouses a living source of humanity.

Confidence is the watchword, an instruction that you have to know how to see without seeing but quite simply believe. The universe is at my doorstep, she doesn't know anything about it, I open my eyes and wake up, greedy arms I capture her and it's the starting signal. On your marks!  Ready? Let's go.

And I signed, Ricard,  the ancestor of French pastis.

Lynne Ricard

June 2007



Self-taught and perfectionist I have always challenged myself to the success of my projects. Tenacious in the search for my style, I have been painting for ten years and I undertake to come out of my lair to offer myself to the public with the collaboration of Mrs. Raymonde Perron, who for me is an exemplary mentor of success.

My "doing" is fundamentally linked to my passion and I translate the images into the present moment. I have the pleasure of rummaging through the fruit of my entrails and orchestrating vibrant emotional paintings that lead to the attachment of the subject.

With a very colorful reputation, I confess to having an excessive but unpretentious desire and here is my well-kept secret, to diffuse myself in society and to expand in galleries. To persevere in the effort is my instruction, to enrich myself in art with pride.

I end with this motto, which I like and spread around me to whoever wants to hear it: "  With a valiant heart nothing is impossible, courage can overcome the worst difficulties ".

Welcome to the world of my essences and ideas.

"Quebec - 400 years" - November 2008

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